Why Industrial IoT

You might be hearing quite a lot about Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0. Smart Factory or Digitalization. As the hype is increasing day by day so as the content however for a layman or even an engineer it becomes difficult on where and how to start.

I am launching this course using the most popular brand in the world i.e Siemens and its most powerful automation tool i.e TIA Portal to show students step by step on how to create an IIoT eco system.

TIA Portal is just one component, I'll be using MQTT Server, IIoT Software, IIoT Cloud Platforms to implement a complete IIoT architecture.

Students will be provided all the software's and tools to capture data from PLCs, create data models, use MQTT communication, use Cloud IoT Core, store data in cloud, work around historical or real-time data and visualize the trends. I'll also give tips on Machine Learning Models and its deployment however since it requires deep understanding of Python and ML so it's not going to be part of this course

Keep in mind when we discuss IIoT, it means a 4.0 technology used for completely digitalizing your plant or factory however with this course you will get an idea how you can start in this exciting field and start your career as a IIoT or Industry 4.0 Engineer/System Integrator.

Note: Security is not a part of this course however I'll discuss best practices.

Benefits: This course will give hands on experience on IIoT eco-system using TIA Portal with 2+ hour of content, free/trial software and free limited access to cloud.

Pre-Requisite: Intermediate knowledge of Siemens TIA Portal. It is also recommended to have laptop or PC for hands on implementation. There's no hardware requirement however having a physical S7-1200 PLC v4.4 or above or S7-1500 PLC v2.0 or above, would save a lot of time and effort. Further, I'll provide all the software used in this course. Check out Automation Boot Camp that will cover your pre-requisites here.

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Rana Muhammad Awais

Course Instructor

Rana Muhammad Awais is a Professional Electrical & Automation Engineer with over 07 years of experience in process, manufacturing, RnD and services industries in the fields of Industrial Automation, IIoT, Productivity, Projects and Maintenance.

He has completed over 50 automation projects including major plants and machines automation using PLC / DCS / SCADA and IIoT Systems of different brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB, Wonderware, Ignition, Mitsubishi, Delta, Fatek, B&R, IFM and more. He has been a part of green field & brown field projects worth more than 50 mil USD.

Automation Play is a result of his passion and interest to share his learning’s and experience at one place to the world and equip them with Industry 4.0 and Industrial Automation Skill set.